5 Easy Ways to Make Your E-Cigarettes Last Longer

Posted on: April 5, 2013 | Filed under: Advice

E-cigarettes provide solution to people who are finding it hard to quit smoking. With the use of heat, it vaporizes liquid nicotine to produce smoke and mimic the sensation one gets when smoking real cigarettes. The only difference is the liquid used does not contain tar and other harmful substances that make cigarettes dangerous. Basically, users can continue enjoying a smoke without the bad effects. For some this can be a form of replacement for real cigarettes, while others use this as a mere step in their goal to finally quit smoking.

By their name, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are made up of electronic parts and as such need proper maintenance like any other devices. There are proper maintenance tips you need to follow to keep them working at optimum condition and make their serviceable life longer. Good brands of e-cigarettes cost a bit high so it would be practical to take care of them to avoid early breakdown. Here are some guidelines you need to take note of to extend their life.

Clean the batteries.

Using a clean tissue paper, wipe the connection parts of the battery twice or thrice a week. This will remove any scale build up in the terminals which often causes damage. Dirt and nicotine residue may also build up in this area so wipe it dry before use. A better way to clean this is to dip the tissue paper or cotton in a little alcohol just to wet it and use this to wipe the contacts.

Properly charge the batteries.

Follow the instructions in the manual that comes with the e-cigarettes. Most manufacturers recommend that you charge the batteries for 8 hours prior the initial use. It does not matter if the light says that it is already fully-charged; strictly follow this 8-hour rule. For subsequent charges, three to four hours will be enough, but make sure that you fully discharge the batteries before recharging them. This significantly lengthens their life.

Keep the cartridge cleaned and locked.

There are two types of cartridges, the pre-filled and refillable ones. The latter needs to be cleaned for sanitary purpose and you can do this by wiping it clean with cotton that has been dipped in alcohol. Cartridges take about 15 to 20 times of refill before needing replacement. Avoid using worn out cartridges as they hold less liquid. Further, make sure that the cartridge is locked until you are about to use your e-cigarettes. This will prevent the liquid from evaporating, which is a waste of the solution.

Always attach the battery to the e-cigarette.

The battery also acts as a cover. Protect your e-cigarettes from dust build up by keeping the battery attached at all times.

Clean the atomizer.

The atomizer needs to be kept moist, which is why new e-cigarettes have a primer liquid in the atomizer. This should be blown out before initial use. Every day, clean the inside of the atomizer by covering the threaded area with a tissue and then blow on the other end. This will push out any nicotine residue. To fully remove residues inside the atomizer, you can attach the battery (without the cartridge) and puff on it three times to burn the residues. Keeping your atomizer clean will stretch its life.

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